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Center for Industrial Policy Research


Center for Industrial Policy Research

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
KIM, Inchul Executive Director Macroeconomic Analysis, Technological Change 044-287-3038 이메일
Choe, Hyunkyung(Kay) Research Fellow IO, Applied Econometrics, Government Regulation, Business Economics 044-287-3213 이메일
Lee, Sangkyu Research Fellow Industrial Organization, Regulatory Economics 044-287-3069 이메일
Ha, Joon Research Fellow Industrial Organization(Game Theory), Labor Economics 044-287-3174 이메일
Park, Sunyoung Staff 044-287-3965 이메일

Innovative Growth Policy Division

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Cho, Jaehan Director International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Development 044-287-3158 이메일
Kim, Wonkyu Senior Research Fellow Macroeconomics and Applied Econometrics 044-287-3186 이메일
Yu, Jinkeun Senior Research Fellow Balanced Development Theory 044-287-3104 이메일
Hwang, Wonsik Associate Research Fellow ICT, Energy industry, Economic modeling 044-287-3277 이메일
Song, Danbee Associate Research Fellow Environmental Economics, Applied Econometrics 044-287-3188 이메일
Kim, Hanhin Associate Researcher International Commerce, Global Economy 044-287-3212 이메일

Industrial Employment Policy Division

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Kim, Juyoung Director Public Economics 044-287-3051 이메일
Kim, Youngmin Associate Research Fellow business competencies, productivity, inequality, human resource policy 044-287-3103 이메일
Gil, Eunsun Associate Research Fellow Automation, Labor Allocation, Unemployment 044-287-3152 이메일
Lim, Eun Jung Senior Researcher International Trade policy, Foreign Direct Investment policy 044-287-3924 이메일