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Center for Planning and Coordination


Center for Planning and Coordination

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Byeon, Changuk Executive Director Regional and Urban economics,Regional Quantitative Analysis 044-287-3128 이메일

Planning Division

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Park, Sangsoo Director Machinery Industry; Industrial Organization, Transportation, Energy Eocnomics 044-287-3830 이메일
Cho Kea Hwan Specialist Editorship 044-287-3093 이메일
Hong, Seongho Staff Research Planning 044-287-3094 이메일
Jeong, Gyeonghui Staff 044-287-3070 이메일
Lee, Jungran Staff 044-287-3147 이메일
Kwak, Jin Staff 044-287-3111 이메일
Kang, Yunhee Staff 044-287-3154 이메일
Lee, Kwangmin Staff 044-287-3030 이메일
Kim, Bora Staff 044-287-3209 이메일
Yoo, Eunyoung Staff 044-287-3206 이메일
Shin JI Hye Staff 044-287-3266 이메일
Lee, Hyun Staff 044-287-3954 이메일
jmy Staff 044-287-3021 이메일

General Affairs Division

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Kim, Daeyoung Director 044-287-3078 이메일
Shon, Meeyoung Specialist Management Innovation 044-287-3098 이메일
Hwang, Joonghoon Specialist Research Coordination 044-287-3211 이메일
Kim, Kyungwon Staff Budget & Accounting 044-287-3132 이메일
Choi, Geumsook Staff 044-287-3149 이메일
Yim Jung chul Staff Accounting 044-287-3170 이메일
Choi,Choonhwa Staff 044-287-3135 이메일
Oh, Misuk Staff 044-287-3146 이메일
Lim, Jaehee Staff 044-287-3148 이메일
Jeong, Jinsu Staff 044-287-3276 이메일
Lee, Kyungwoo Staff Accounting, tax 044-287-3959 이메일
Park, Sohyun Staff Mass communication/Business administration 044-287-3930 이메일
Jiwon Jang Staff 044-287-3196 이메일
Park Sung Hwan Staff 044-287-3112 이메일
Jo, HyeonGyu Staff 044-287-3020 이메일

Informatization Division

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Kweon, Minsoon Director IT Support 044-287-3130 이메일
Woo, Byungjo Specialist Library & Information Science 044-287-3091 이메일
Kang, Misook Specialist Information Management 044-287-3097 이메일
Kim, Bongjun Staff IT Support 044-287-3109 이메일
Koo, Hanmo Staff 044-287-3180 이메일
Kim, Sunhee Staff 044-287-3289 이메일
Hwang, Inah Staff 044-287-3215 이메일
Kim, Tae Hwan Staff 044-287-3243 이메일

Budget Division

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
jeong, yeonho Head of Team 044-287-3138 이메일
Gwon yeongguk Staff Budget, Business administration 044-287-3252 이메일
Park, Sang-Wook Staff 044-287-3902 이메일