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506 Global Value Chain and Policies for Indu.. Heeseon Choi, J.. 2016.02.01 177 pdf
505 Strategy for Fostering Regional Innovati.. Yeong-su Kim, S.. 2016.02.01 157 pdf
504 Policy Tasks for the Clarification of th.. Deokhee Cho, Yo.. 2016.02.01 174 pdf
503 A Study on the Industrial Policies of Ad.. Hyeon Ju, In-ch.. 2016.02.01 175 pdf
502 Future of the Manufacturing Industry wit.. Dong-hyeok Seo,.. 2016.02.01 167 pdf
501 A Study on Revitalization of Creative Ec.. Choi Yun-ki, Ki.. 2014.12.30 439 pdf
500 Study on the Plan for Triangular Economi.. Hak-Ki Kim et a.. 2014.12.29 401
499 The Structure of ICT Industries’ Global.. Kim Jong-gi, Se.. 2014.12.29 431 pdf
498 A Study on Compilation and Analysis of K.. Jin-Myon Lee et.. 2014.12.29 386
497 Current state of global business managem.. Ha Byeonggi, Se.. 2014.12.29 404 pdf