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Analysis of the Structure of Competition among Northeast Asian Companies on the Chinese Market

Author Cheol Cho et al. Date 2016.02.01 Page 35
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The pace of growth of the Chinese economy may have slowed down, but this second-largest economy of the world continues to grow at a remarkable annual rate of almost seven percent. Three major industries showing significant growth are the food and home
appliance industries and the newer environmental protection industry, which is experiencing rapid growth amid increasing concerns over pollution and environmental degradation. Volume 1 of this report examines the structure of competition that Korean companies face on Chinese markets for environmental protection, food, and home appliances, and then proposes effective strategies for competition. Volume 2 of the report looks at labor and environment-related issues and policy developments in China, examining how businesses in the above three industries have been coping with workplace changes and what the implications are for Korean industries. Volume 3 reviews the Chinese government’s policies on environmental protection, food, and other major industries to identify issues facing Korea-China cooperation from Chinese experts’ points of view.