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Study on the Plan for Triangular Economic Cooperation among South Korea, North Korea, and Russia - From the Viewpoint of the Economic Cooperation and the Russian Far East Development Strategy -

Author Hak-Ki Kim et al. Date 2014.12.29 Page 276

After the APEC summit, which was held in September 2012, the Russian government has actively embarked in the development of the Far East. It expects the participation from neighboring countries such as South Korea, China, Japan, and North Korea into investment
in the Far East region.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between South Korea and Russia in 1990, the South Korean government and enterprises have had a huge interest in expanding economic cooperation with the Far East region. But, the result has failed to fulfill the initial target due to a lack of infrastructure and labor force in the Far East. The South Korean government has had a great interest in economic cooperation among South Korea, North Korea, and Russia for a long time. It is one of strategies for the development of South and North Korean economic cooperation and the Russian Far East expansion. In 2013, the government revealed its intent to expand the economic cooperation with the Eurasian and the Russian Far East regions and continue strengthening the cooperation among South Korea, North Korea, and Russia through announcement of the “Eurasian Initiative”.

Through analysis of trade and investment between North Korea and Russia, this report aims for seeking a South-North Korea-Russia economic cooperation scheme that corresponds to the Far East development policy of the Russian government. In addition, in consideration of the ‘Advanced Development Zone’ policy and various Far East development plans, it suggests strategies for ‘establishment of Korea’s innovative cluster in the Far East region’, ‘pilot project for cooperation among South and North Korea and Russia in the sector of agriculture’, ‘building a fishery processing complex in the Najin-Seonbong region’, and ‘cooperation among three countries in the sectors of aviation, shipbuilding, automobiles’.