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A Study on the Industrial Policies of Advanced Countries after the Global Financial Crisis

Author Hyeon Ju, In-cheol Kim, Young-Jin Ro, Hyeon-gyeong Choe, Yeong-min Kim, Jong-il Kim, Hyeok-uk Gwon, G. Erber, P. Buigues Date 2016.02.01 Page 26
File pdf
This study seeks to add to the body of knowledge on Korean industrial policy by analyzing discussions of the industrial policies
adopted by advanced economies after the global financial crisis of 2008?09. In particular, it seeks to offer a vision for the future of
Korean industrial policy through a multi-level analysis of the influences on industry of globalization and advances in science and
technology, as well as megatrends concerning Korean industry.
For the purposes of this study, industrial policy is defined as policies by which governments intervene in the market in order
to affect their own industries, directly or indirectly; in this case, the discussion will be restricted specifically to policies concerning
manufacturing. Four countries will be considered?namely, the United States, Japan, Germany, and France?with a focus on the
industrial policies that those countries implemented after the global financial crisis.