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Revitalizing the Renewable Energy Industry with a Follow-up System

Author Mo Jung-youn, Kim Min-ji Date 2017.12.05 Page


The Korean government’s campaign to shift away from nuclear power in favor of new and renewable energy sources is expected to lead to growing use of solar power, energy storage systems (ESSs), and electric cars. Yet the policy debate over setting up a post-management system for waste generated by new and renewable energy ? including rechargeable (secondary) batteries and solar panels that have completed their usage life ? remains inadequate.

This report examines policies on the recycling of rechargeable batteries and solar panels in major economies to lay the groundwork for legislation in Korea on related recycling systems. It also seeks to identify domestic recycling companies for the purpose of promoting new and renewable energy, and analyzes the level of recycling technology at Korean companies vis-a-vis global leaders in suggesting avenues for related industrial development and R&D support. 

A core aim of the study is to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the recycling industries for medium and large rechargeable batteries that have been discarded and for inoperable solar panels; this will help assess the profitability of these sectors and build a foundation from which development strategies for Korean recycling firms in the renewable energy sector.