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A study on Compilation and Analysis of 2014 Korean SME’s Input Output Table

Author Lee Jin-myon, Kim Jae-jin, Lee Young-ho Date 2017.12.06 Page

As reducing the polarization between large enterprises and SMEs is a core national policy task, the Input-Output Table for Large Enterprises and SMEs is produced to address the need for various statistics on and analysis of SMEs. After its first publication in 2010, the Input-Output Table was published again in 2012 and 2013. The purpose of this study is to prepare the 2014 Input-Output Table and explain how it should be used.


The background of this study can be summarized in three main points. First, as the relationship between businesses and the industrial structure is undergoing continuous change, it is necessary to establish multi-year time series data for use as a basic tool of statistical analysis and for the provision of statistical information. Second, except for the table published in 2010, the input-output tables for large enterprises and SMEs have been prepared using an estimation method based on official national statistics due to a lack of basic statistics. However, more efforts need to be made to precisely identify the relationships between businesses. Third, as analytical tools with which to analyze SMEs and large enterprises on equal footing are not yet available, analyses of economic issues have been rather limited, calling for more applied research on related social issues and policies as well as economic issues. ?