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Prospects for twelve major industries 2017

Author Leading Industry Research Division Date 2016.11.28 Issue No

Exports of twelve major industries in 2017 are to grow amid expectations that commodity prices will recover, emerging markets’ countries will rejevenate their business, and oil prices will surge up.
- However, growth in exports will have limits due to strengthened policies of protectionism, and expectations that China’s economy will grow slightly with high importance on trade.
- Exports in all the industries among the twelve major industries are to increase, except for auto, shipbuilding, and home appliances industry.

Exports in most industries among the twelve major industries in 2017 are expected to grow due to a rise in global demand. Yet, shipbuilding, and auto industry, etc. with ripple effect to their relevant industries are to dwindle.
Domestic demand in major industries are to be weak except for IT industry, due to a continuous weak business.
- Machine and materials industries are to decline due to a weak consumer sentiment, a poor real business, slowing construction investment growth, and shrinking capital investment.
- IT industry is expected to grow thanks to new formats of products, for example, UHD TV contents, expansion of VR demand, wearable products, etc.

Imports in twelve major industries are to increase in volumes mainly focused on commodity industry, despite an overall weak consumer sentiment due to two extreme consumption patterns.