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The Course of the Korean economy for the New Year, No180

Author Han, Duk Soo Date 2004.01.02 Issue No
e-Kiet Industrial and Economic Information No180

A great new hope has risen with the Gapshin Year. A new year, Gapshin Year (Korean
zodiac year), with great hope has risen.
I extend a my sincere gratitude to the many people persons who paid attention to took
of the Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade (KIET) this past year and utilized our
services and our publications for the past year.
We have arranged and compiled and analyzed various domestic and foreign industrial and
business information required for the sustained development of Korean industry, and have
formulateddevised appropriate countermeasure policies accordingly, and made great
effort shave taken an active role to
in delivering them this information to the government, various firms and the general public.
The “e-Kiet Industrial and Economic Information” has played a greattaken on this role to
convey such information and
policies y means the most quicklyby the swiftest means available., and alsoIn addition,
the our experts in each area field at KIET have exertedput forth their greatestutmost efforts
in to preparing this e-Kiet Industrial and Economic Information Summary.
All the experts including me at KIET, including myself, promise to do our best, as usual, for
the publication of the e-Kiet and other reports in