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Cluster Collaboration is needed to nurture advance environmental technology

Author Gwak, Dae Jong Date 2004.01.05 Issue No
e-Kiet Industrial and Economic Information No. 181

○ Environmental technology (ET) is paidhas garnered interest attention to as a one of the
future growth enginesprotection industry and possibility for future growth; however, the ET
of Korea’s ET is recently showing presenting a very poor trend, compared in comparison
with its developmenting potential. EspeciallyIn particular, the small and medium sized ET
firms have been greatly withering significantly.
○ That is mainly stemmingThis trend mainly stems from the recent economic slump; but
however, it is difficult to expect that ET will grow rapidly grow, although even if the
economy turns into a favorable tonebounces back.
- The reason is that although ET, unlike IT, which has is already entered into the growth
stageexpanding, is has reached at the growth stage in the pollution prevention and follow
up pollution processing areasdivision, the clean technology and new energy technology
areassectors are still in a germinal stage.
○ Accordingly, The development strategy in ET area, accordingly,should focus on the
direction to enhancing small and medium sized environmental firms, and an alternative
should carefully review thebe sought to promote the formation of ET clustersconsortiums,
based on the innovation support function.