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Corporate social responsibility and socially responsible investment

Author Kim, Yong Yul Date 2004.01.13 Issue No
e-Kiet Industrial and Economic Information No. 182

○ As Since the interests in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and socially responsible
investment (SRI) are is gradually increasing, business corporations and government
entities should would be advised unfold various responses to officially recognizeing this
year as the launching year of SRI.
- Corporate social responsibility showsconfirms a normative trend focused on ISO, beyond
a simple dimension.
○ CSR and shareholder capitalism are do not always conflicting;, rather Instead, they are
invigorated encouraged in both the US and Britain, Britain being the origin of the shareholder
○ The importance of SRI is increasing and its size hold on business is rapidly expanding
worldwide; in other words, the SRI fund outperforms than other funds.
○ Active responses of on the part of government, business corporations and economic
organizations are will be required.
- The government should move quickly to promote to the establishment the standards of
CSR standards in conjunction with the business circle, newly enact the Social
Responsibility Investment Act and improve the accounting and tax systems accordingly
- Corporations should set up a separate department to monitor the company’s a social
responsibility department, issue a