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Jobless Growth of The U.S. Economies

Author Choi, Young Seob Date 2004.01.28 Issue No 183
ㅇ The growth of unemployment in the US has recently become a topic for needed
discussion in terms of its possible implications for the Korean economy. Because the
jobless growth is recently becoming a topic to discuss in the Korean economy, Therefore,
we need to realistically examine review reality through the US case, while experiencing the
economic upturn of latetaking into account the recent economic upturn.
- In the United States, from the bottom low point in the economic cycle in November 2001
through to the summer of 2003, the criticism had been in full swing, as the sluggish labor
market continued, with: slow economic recovery speed, higher real employment costs,
changes in employment practices, and diffusion of outsourcing and productivity
improvement were being pointed out as the main causes.
ㅇ Since September 2003, the number rate of employmented people maintained a risingrose
or remained unchanged trend based on a five-month corporation survey for five months in
a row, while; the unemployment rate also decreased every month, since June 2003. The
Therefore, the possibility of employment recovery is can be forecastpredicted cautiously in