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Thorough review of real existing sector economy

Author KIET Date 2004.02.09 Issue No
e-Kiet Industrial and Economic Information No. 186

○ Amid a continuing favorable toneDespite the favorable trend in exports, domestic
consumption and investment did not have not recovered, and; a bipolar
phenomenondeepening bipolar trend between the exporting industry and domestic
industries is deepeningoccurring.
- Even more importantly, the bipolar phenomenon between these industries shows an
adhering trend while exports are on the rise due to the high exchange rate, which is likely
to make investing in domestic industry difficult to promote..
- While exports are on the rising trend, due to high exchange rate, which is likely to make
difficult investing in the domestic industry.
○ The feature of the IT industry, which shows a favorable tonetendency in exports, is that it
increases global sourcing, while thea domestic industry association effect is decreasing.
- Despite Although the industry is showing performing a favorablye tone in terms of exports,
the employment in this field is increasing only up to the expectation in of its view of its
feature as a labor-saving industry, while the employment in the domestic arm of the
industry with a large effect in employment is largely slowing down. For allBecause of this,
job creation in this industry is in a difficult currently problematicsituation.