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Innovative systems and cluster business clusters – concepts and mutual relationsassociations

Author Jang, Jae Hong Date 2004.02.19 Issue No
e-Kiet Industrial and Economic Information No. 189

○ The “1st National Balanced Development Plan for the Next 5 Years” and “Regional
Innovative Development Plan for the Next 5 Years by City and Province” that are being
established nationwide are based on the cluster business cluster formation and the building
of regional innovative systems.
○ To secure internal integrity, feasibilityto ensure viability of comparisonassessment and
coordination between cities/provinces and sectors, and promotion to promote efficiency of
in planning implementationplans, the a mutual agreement on the use of key terms is
required between plan planning establishment strategists-affiliates on the used key terms
are required.
○ With In regards to cluster business clusters, and innovative systems, and similar terms
and concepts, scholars or and related institutions tend to differ in emphasizing points or in
using certain terms of expression expression forms;. But However, the important
thingobjective is that the concept and mutual relationship of each terminology should be
defined simply and clearly from the perspective of a planner, and theythe consistent use of
each term should be promoted across the board to be used consistently in each plan.
○ In this paper, the definitions and mutual relationships of major terms s