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Future Materials : Carbon Nano-materials1 (Carbon Nanotube)

Author Kim Sang Hoon, Shim Woo Jung Date 2014.05.26 Issue No 590

Materials play a role of production bases for all industries.  Ultimately, it is essential to commercialize future new materials in order to secure competitiveness of future industry.

● Carbon materials are receiving a spotlight as future materials which can be utilized widely. Notably, carbon nanotube(CNT) has a great potential in terms of its features and applicable areas.

● CNT can be utilized as structural and functional materials by controlling them to the level of nano-meter unit, and have excellent physical and electric properties compared to existing materials
Advanced countries are aggressively pursuing R&D on CNT, and there are actively ongoing massive production and technology development of CNT for its commercialization in recent days.  

● Developed countries such as the U.S., Germany and Japan have steadily pushed ahead with R&D on nano materials by preparing comprehensive strategy for nano technology development in the early 2000s, and continuously expanding the size of their investment in the materials

● Korea has aggressively pursued the R&D on nano materials including CNT. However, it has not led to a consistent investment in a long term perspective.


Although it is expected that product innovation utilizing CNT would emerge while relevant market would expand, Korea is undergoing continued difficulties in commercializing CNT and expanding its market size. 

● Although the level of domestic CNT technology has almost reached that of advanced countries, what are becoming a big hurdle for its commercialization are the insufficient value chain structure, lack of organic cooperation, small size of relevant enterprises, the conflict between stakeholders and the limitation of government support in response to such problems.     

CNT has a great growth potential and broad spillover effect. However, it is urgent to come up with various measures to improve the conditions for the domestic enterprises to commercialize the materials. 

● It is important to tackle the problems like too little creation of key applicable areas, immature commercialization technology, insufficient technology standardization and safety regulation. It is also crucial to establish a cooperation network between stakeholders to maintain consistency in the R&D tasks and bring about synergy effect to the industry