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Future Materials : Carbon Nanomaterials 2 (Graphene)

Author Kim, Sanghoon , Shim, Woo Jung Date 2014.05.26 Issue No 591

The Materials developments are a center and foundation of all industrial-based developments, it is, therefore, essential to commercialize new material to secure competitiveness of future industry.

Carbon materials are getting spotlight as future candidate materials which can be utilized widely. Among the materials, graphene is assessed to have the greatest potential.

As 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to researches who announced the research outcome related to graphene, the great potentials of graphene are gaining a new attention, and countries around the world are actively conducting research of the material.

Photos: Copyright ⓒ The Nobel Foundation

Major advanced countries established plans to invest in graphene in a massive scale, and are aggressively pushing ahead with the technology development and research to commercialize the materials.

Based on its world best technology related to graphene, Korea launched the project related to the research and development of graphene at a governmental level in 2013.

The graphene which is currently in a stage of applied research and sold mainly for research use, accounts for the most share of the relevant market. However, the market is expected to expand within a few years, and the expansion would be led mainly by composite materials.


Graphene is prospected to be applicable for various fields such as composite materials, semiconductor, battery, sensor, conductive ink and coating materials etc.

Graphene is a new nanomaterial in which securing proprietary technology is crucial. For the successful commercialization, it is necessary to establish a long-term plan and provide institutional support as experienced by the failures in the past.

Although the introduction of new material would have a great spillover effect, its commercialization in the domestic market would be uneasy because the relevant industries in Korea are conservative.

In particular, graphene is a totally new material which is still in the stage of research and development. This could be a new opportunity or crisis to Korea. Therefore, it is urgent to prepare systematic development measure