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Improvement Measures for the Credibility of New Manufacturing Equipment Industry’ and the Securing of Global Competitiveness

Author Park, Kwangsoon Date 2015.01.02 Page
○ This study strives to  derive problems of the Korean new manufacturing equipment industry by analyzing internal and external demand for the industry and major issues over the industry from an objective perspective.  and suggest policy implications. 
○ This study seeks to assess the policies for the growth of manufacturing equipment sector in Germany, Japan, the U.S. and China, and provide implications        
○ Considering the fact it is prerequisite for new manufacturing equipment sector, a major base industry for manufacturing sector, to secure credibility, this study seeks to analyze the trend and problems of major individual indigenous manufacturing equipments’ credibility.
- This study seeks to investigate the strength and weakness of the Korean manufacturing  equipment industry through the diagnosis of the equipment sector’s ecosystem. provide policy tasks for the establishment of new ecosystem-The study strives to suggest specific measures for the improvement of institutional and policy areas based on the analysis results above.