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KOREA-CHINA-JAPAN Trilateral Symposium on New Growth Engine Industries and Ecosystemic Development

Presenter Yoon-Jong Jang Date 2012.05.07
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  • Yoon-Jong Jang


    ● Basic Information
    ○ Date and Time : May 7, 2012 (Monday)

    ○ Venue : Grand Ballroom(B2F), The Plaza Hotel, Seoul 
    ○ Organizer(s) : KIET 
    ○ Supporter(s) : Prime Minister's Office(Republic of Korea), Ministry of Strategy and Finance, MKE

    ● Program
    □ Session I: New Growth Engine Industry Promotion Policy and Business Ecosystem Development Strategy in Korea, China and Japan

    ㅇ Chairman: Byoung Jun Song(President of KIET)

    ㅇ Presentation 1 : Strategies for China's emerging industry promotion and ecosystemic development

                     - Chanlin Wnag(Director of China Institute of Industry and Economics, China)
    ㅇ Presentation 2 : Japan's new growth engine industry development strategies and business cooperation between large enterprises and SMEs: a case of next generation automobile industry

                     - Akinobu Okuda(Research Director of Mitsubishi Research Institute, Japan)

    ㅇ Presentation 3 : Korea's new growth engine development policy and cooperation strategies between large enterprises and SMEs

                     - Yoon Jong Jang(Director of Center for Growth Engine Industries of KIET, Korea)

    □ Session II: Global Cooperation and Tripartite Collaboration Plan for New Growth Engine Industry Development

    ㅇ Chairman: Yong Geun Kim(President of KIAT)

    ㅇ Presentation 1 : The direction of the global cooperation for Japan's new growth engine industries: a case of solar industry

                  - Kenichi Hamamoto(Senior Consultant of Nomura Research Institute, Japan) 
    ㅇ Presentation 2 : China's global cooperation strategies for the development of emergign industries and the direction of Korea-China-Japan collaboration
                  - Jianglin Zhao(Economics Department Director of Chinese Academy of Social Science, China)   
    ㅇ Presentation 3 : Korea's promotion of global cooperation for the development of new growth engine industries and the direction of Korea-China-Japan collaboration

                  - Heung Nam Kim(Oresident of ETRI, Korea)