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Korea-Germany Competitiveness Forum 2012

Presenter Hyun-Bong Yang Date 2012.05.24
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  • Hyun-Bong Yang


    ● Basic Information
    ○ Date and Time : May 24, 2012 (Thursday)

    ○ Venue : Orchidroom(2F) Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas

    ○ Organizer(s) : KIET, KIF, Future of THINKNET 
    ○ Supporter(s) : The Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Kbiz, MK Business News, KDGW

    ● Program
    □ Session I: The Past and Future of Financial System in Korea and Germany

    ㅇ Moderator: Jong-In Kim(Former Presidential Secretary for Economy)

    ㅇ Presentation 1 : Competitiveness of German Financial system and its Lessons to Korea  

                       - Alexander Fisher(Director Management and Administration, Global Green Growth Institute(GGGI))
    ㅇ Presentation 2 : Financial Reform towards Balanced Growth of Real and Financial Sectors : The Korean Case

                       - Hee-Yul Chai(Professor of Economics, Kyonggi University)

    □ Session II : The Role of Finance for SMEs’Development

    ㅇ Moderator : Sang-Ho Sohn(Vice-President, Korea Institute of Finance)
    ㅇ Presentation 1 : Financing SMEs: The Role of Banks and the Financial Markets in Germany

                       - Hubertus Vath(Acting Managing Director, Frankfurt Main Finance e.V.)

    ㅇ Presentation 2 : The Development of Regional Financial Institutions in Germany and its Implications for Korean Small Loan Financial System
                       - Duk Hoon Lee(Visiting Professor of Economics, Sogang University)
                       - Soon-Yeong Hong(Senior Research Fellow, Korea Small Business Institute)

    ㅇ Presentation 3 : The SME Financing in Korea : A Long-Term Agenda

                       - Bon-Sung Gu(Director / Senior Research Fellow, Korea Institute of Finance)


    □ Session III : The Role and Competitiveness of Korean and German SMEs

    ㅇ Moderator : Oh-Seok Hyun(President, Korea Development Institute)

    ㅇ Presentation 1 : German SMEs’Role in Social and Economic Development

                       - Martin Pohl(Professor of Management, University of Tsukuba)

    ㅇ Presentation 2 : Comparative Analysis on Competitive Advantages of Korean and German SMEs

                       - Kang-Sik Kim(Professor of Business Management, Korea Aerospace University /
    President, Korea-German Academy of Economics & Management )

                       - Nam-Ki Chung(Professor of Economics, Dong-A University)


    □ Session IV : Future Tasks for Innovative SMEs

    ㅇ Moderator : Byoung Jun Song(President, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade)

    ㅇ Presentation 1 : Innovation Policy for SMEs in Germany - Actual Trends

                       - Alexander Eickelpasch(Senior Economist, German Institute for Economic Research(DIW Berlin))

    ㅇ Presentation 2 : German Policy for Nurturing Skilled Workforce : Focused on Meister System

                       - Dieter Wagner(Professor of Economics and Social Sciences, University of Potsdam)

    ㅇ Presentation 3 : Current Status and Future Tasks of Korea’s Policy Measures for Nurturing SMEs

                       - Hyun-Bong Yang(Senior Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade)