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Partnership for Industrial Development of Indonesia - The First Joint Workshop -

Presenter Dong-Joo Joo Date 2012.09.03
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  • Dong-Joo Joo


    □ Basic Information


    ○ Date : September 3 (Mon.) ~ 4 (Tue.), 2012

    ○ Venue : Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

    ○ Organized by:  Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade (KIET), Korea
     -Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs (CMEA), Indonesia
    ○  Sponsored by: Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) of Korea

    ○ In collaboration with:
    - United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
    - Asian Development Bank (ADB)

    □ Program


    ■ Opening Session
    o Opening Remarks by Dr. Byoung-Jun Song, President of
    Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade(KIET)
    o Welcoming Remarks by Mr. Luky Eko Wuryanto, Deputy
    Minister of Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of


    ■ Session 1


    o Overall Project Scheme
    -Dr. Dong-Joo Joo, Project Manager, KIET


    o The Master Plan for Economic Development in
    -Mr. Eddy Satriya, Int’l Division Head, CMEA

    ■  Session 2


    o Transforming Indonesia and Avoiding the Middle-Income
    Trap: Economic Challenges and Policy Options
    - Dr. Dante B. Canlas, ADB Consultant, ADB

    o Industrial Competitiveness in Indonesia: Some Thoughts
    of UNIDO’s Contribution to the Joint Research Project
    -Mr. Manueal Albaladejo, UNIDO


    ■ Session 3


    o Consumer Electronics Industry
    -Ms. Kyoung-Sook Lee, Research Fellow, KIET


    o Indonesia Automotive Industry Development
    -Dr. Chuel Cho, Research Fellow, KIET

    o Shipbuilding Industry
    -Ms. Sung In Hong, Research Fellow, KIET

    o A Development Strategy for the Textile &
    Apparel Industry in Indonesia
    -Mr. Hoon Park, Research Fellow, KIET

    ■ Session 4


    o Regional Industrial Policy
    - Mr. Jin-Ki Hong (Research Fellow, KIET)

    o National Infrastructure Policy of Indonesia &
    South Korea
    - Dr. Jinkyu Chung(Research Fellow, KRIHS)


    o Strengthening Industrial Cooperation between
    Korea & Indonesia
    -Ms. Geun Ju Jung (Researcher, KIET)