Cho, Yongwon 사진
Name Cho, Yongwon
Position Associate Research Fellow
Tel 044-287-3079
Major Field Chemical Industry
Education Washington State University (Ph. D. in Agricultural Economics)
Career ㅇ 2011 - 2013 Institutional Research, Washington State University, Graduate Assistant
ㅇ 2006 - 2009 Korea Rural Economic Institute, Researcher
Publications ㅇ Yongwon Cho, 2018, The Effect of and Countermeasures to Abolishing the Imposition of U.S. Anti-dumping duties on Tire Imports from China in the U.S. on South Korea's Tire Export to the U.S., Industrial Economic Review.

ㅇ Yongwon Cho, 2016, The Effect of the Korean Robot Act on the Korean Robotics Industry and its Implications, Industrial Economic Review.

ㅇ Yongwon Cho, 2015, The Economic Implications of China's Policy Changes for the Korean Petrochemical Industry, Industrial Economic Review.

ㅇ Yongwon Cho, 2014, The Effect of Metabolically Obese but Normal Weight on the Labor Market in South Korea, Industrial Economic Review.