Kim, Jeonghong 사진
Name Kim, Jeonghong
Position Research Fellow
Tel 044-287-3039
Major Field Economics of Innovation, Industrial Organization, Regional Economics
Education Ph.D. in Economics, Sungkyunkwan University (1996)
Career Commissioner, Evaluation Committee on Innovation Project, Ministry of Knowledge Economy, 2003 to present
Commissioner, Consultative Committee on LINC Project, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, 2011 to present
Lecturer in Graduate School of Sogang University, Mar. 2002 to Feb. 2003
Lecturer in Graduate School of Sungkyunkwan University, Mar. 1996 to Feb. 2002
Publications The Economics of Innovation(4th edition), Sigmapress, 2011.
Suggestions for Promoting Local Location and Job Creation through Technology-based Start-ups, 2014.
A Study on the Location and Growth Characteristics of Job Creating Gazelle Firms, 2013.
Analysis on the Critical Factors of Creation in Gazelle Regions, KIET, 2011.
Study on the Determinants and Characteristics of Regional Competitiveness, KIET, 2010.
Contribution by Universities towards Regional Development, KIET, 2008.
Successful Technology Transfer in the Regional industries, KIET, 2006.
Suggestions for the Strengthening of Regional Innovation Competences, KIET, 2004.
Comparative Analysis of Regional Industry Activity and Industry Revitalization of Rural Area, KIET, 2004.
Improvements of Systems of Human Resources Development in Regional Specialized Industries, KIET, 2002.
Suggestions for Soften of Regional Unbalance and Development of Underdeveloped Area, KIET, 2001.
Productivity Analysis in Korean Industries, KIET, 2000.