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Journal of Industrial Economics and Trade(JIET)」 is a biannual periodical. It contains creative theoretical and empirical researches and papers that will contribute to the economic and industrial policy making. Submissions are cordially invited.

E-mail of Contact Person: journal@kiet.re.kr

Call for papers Journal of Industrial Economics and Trade Vol.2, No.1

Author KIET Date 2017.12.19 Series
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Call for Papers
Journal of Industrial Economics and Trade
Volume 2, Number 1


The Journal of Industrial Economics and Trade is accepting submissions for theoretical and empirical studies on all issues pertinent to the Korean economy and industry in general, particularly in the fields of industrial organization, applied microeconomics, econometrics, finance, international trade, labor and technological economics. All interested scholars, researchers, practitioners and graduate students are encouraged to submit papers.
Before submission, please review the submission guidelines thoroughly, as papers will not advance to the review stage if they do not follow the instructions provided. The relevant protocol for preparing and submitting manuscripts and other required forms can be accessed at the KIET website at http://eng.kiet.re.kr/kiet_eng/?sub_num=1171.
Manuscripts should not exceed 30 pages (60 pages for double-spaced manuscripts) on A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm) paper in the font Times New Roman at 11 points.
Papers should be submitted along with a completed application form and sent via e-mail to journal@kiet.re.kr. Include the work’s title and the author's name, organization, address and contact details (e-mail and phone number) in a cover letter by April 30, 2018 to be considered for publication in the Vol. 2, No. 1 issue of the Journal of Industrial Economics and Trade. 
An honorarium of 4 million KRW (roughly 3,675 USD) is provided to author(s) whose work is published in the Journal. For more information, contact the editorial office via the e-mail provided below.
Contact Information:
  E-mail: journal@kiet.re.kr
  TEL: +82 (44) 287-3842
① Any submitted papers must NOT be under consideration for publication at another journal, must represent original work, and moreover should thoroughly reference and describe any prior work on the same subject, noting salient differences between the paper submitted for publication and previous work.
② In order to promote research on the Korean economy and industry, submission and review fees have been waived.
③ The publication of Vol.2, No. 1 is scheduled for June 30th, 2018.