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Regulation on JIET publicationKIET Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade

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Paper submission and Required Documents

  • 1. Authorship and Period of Submission
    • 1There are no minimum qualifications required for contributors in order to be able to submit their paper. The submitted paper must be an original work, which has not been published elsewhere previously.
    • 2Paper may be submitted year round as there is no specific deadline.
  • 2. Submission Process and Required Documents
    • 1Author prepares paper in compliance with the "Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation" in <Exhibit 1> and submits electronically via e-mail provided on the KIET Website.
    • 2Author completes a submission application form (<Exhibit 2>) and scans the completed form to submit with the paper. The application form can be downloaded from the KIET Website.
    • 3Once paper is accepted, Author should submit the <Exhibit 4> Confirmation of Transfer of Author’s Property Rights.
    • 4Failure to comply with the process described above may result in rejection of review or publication.

Considerations for Review

  • 1. Considerations for Review
    • Reviewers evaluate submitted papers on the basis of the following considerations:
    • 1Consistency of subject, purpose and contents
    • 2Feasibility of research methods
    • 3Adequacy of research contents.
    • 4Reflection of research trends.
    • 5Contribution of research results.
    • 6General review
  • 2. Review Procedure
    • 1Reviewer can rate a submitted paper as per the following grading matrix: "Accept: No revisions needed (A)"; "Accept: Minor revisions needed (B)"; "Major revisions needed; Second review after revision (C)"; and "Reject (D)," and submit the filled-out form to the Board.
    • 2The procedure after two reviewers finish their review is as follows:
    • 3If the review result is “Accept with minor revision,” the author will be required to respond and revise. If the revised paper is re-reviewed and determined to be “acceptable,” it will be published. The board members and the chief of the board must indicate their final opinion on the revised paper, and specify the reason to reject, if they reject the publication of said paper.