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Growth Conditions and Development Strategies in Manufacturing-Service Convergence Industries

Author Seo Dong-hyeok, Cho Yong-won, Shim Woo-jung, Kim Seung-min Date 2017.12.14 Page

To maintain and further boost its competitiveness, the Korean economy must create an industry featuring the convergence of manufacturing and the service sector to foster new growth engines. From this perspective, the study first aims to analyze the characteristics of this convergence in to develop the kinds of solutions required to propel growth in both sectors. Based on this analysis, this study proposes development strategies and policy tasks to promote the industry’s growth. 


This study selected and analyzed companies considered related to manufacturing-service convergence in a direct and indirect manner to acquire the corporate data needed for research. Considering that such convergence is an emerging global trend that is expected to further expand, this study focused on manufacturing-led convergence with the service sector.