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Enhancing the Efficiency of SME Export Policies in the Changing Global Market

Author Lee Young-joo, Cho Yoon-ae, Shin Jong-won, Han Chang-yong Date 2017.12.13 Page

(1) Research Background and Purpose


In light of recent changes in the global market environment, the main objective of this study is to analyze the effectiveness and shortcomings of the Korean government’s current policy support measures for increasing exports by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Our analysis focuses in particular on factors that are causing changes to the global export prospects of SME exporters, in addition to the effectiveness of existing support measures. Based on the findings of our analysis, we also identify and propose needed policy changes toward enhancing the efficiency of measures in support of SME exports.


(2) Research Scope and Structure


As part of analyzing the efficiency of the current Korean policy for supporting exports and identifying policy implications, we analyze the fitness of existing export support measures in relation to major policy issues characterizing recent developments in the global market environment.

Specifically, our focus is on effect of the incentives at export firms that have taking advantage of the available support policy measures. We then study how the existing measures should be improved in order to strengthen the export performance of these firms. This study also includes an analysis of the results of an opinion poll, answered by officials at SME exporters in Fourth Industrial Revolution industries, regarding how the revolution is influencing exports.?