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Big Data and Policy Direction for Korean Service Firm

Author Kang Minsung et al. Date 2019.12.13 Page

Discussions and expectations about the Fourth Industrial Revolution are becoming a commonsense issue. This study is about big data which is one of the technological component of Fourth Industrial Revolution. Big data are expected to have a big impact on the development of the service industry.

This study is based on empirical research on corporates of service sectors and consumers(individuals) which are the consumers and providers of “DATA”, respectively in the big data ecosystem of the service industry.

The purpose of this study is to examine the complementary aspects of the Korean government’s policies, and to propose policy alter-natives to reliably spread and deepen the use of big data by service companies.

In Chapter 2, the analysis results on the current status of big data utilization by Korean service companies. In Chapters 3 and 4, quantitative analyzes were conducted for companies and consumers. In Chapter 3, the policy demand priorities were analyzed based on the corporate survey, and fs/QCA was used as the analysis method. In Chapter 4, we analyzed the preferences of individual consumers for their intention to sell personal data. The conjoint analysis was used

for methodology. In the last chapter, we reviewed domestic policies and examined European and US cases.

As a conclusive policy solution, it is important to establish and settle the right to Data Portability that is suitable for Korea.