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Korea-Russia cooperation in shipbuilding industry using the linkage policy between Russian fisheries and shipbuilding industry

Author Kim, Hakki Date 2016.08.08 Issue No 631

Due to the government promotion policy of fishery industry in Russia, the demand in shipbuilding and ship-repairing industry in the country is expected to increase in the middle to long term. However Russia need to cooperate with foreign countries due to the backwardness of shipbuilding industry of the country.


In the Russian Far East, where Russia mainly does the fisheries, the hub of Korea-Russia Fisheries Cooperation, the local government pushes ahead with policies to acquire shipbuilding capacity by rebuilding ship-repairing shipyard.


To attract and expand investment in shipbuilding and fisheries, Russian government will make use of a long term fishing right.


Korea’s fishery import from Russia increased 4.6 times for the past 15 years, and Russia is the largest market of ship export from Korea.


Korea’s SMEs of shipbuilding and equipment are the breakthrough that helps recover from the recession of shipbuilding industry. They have great interests in shipbuilding in Russian Far East region, as well as in rebuilding ship-repairing shipyard policy.


What matters is a support to the domination of shipbuilding market related to Far East development and SMEs in shipbuilding fields through suggestions including foundation of Korea-Russia joint fishery institute.


EEF (East Economic Forum) or Korea-Russia Economy, science and Technology Joint Committee examines measures to propose a demonstration project for fisheries in Russian Far East Region and shipbuilding cooperation.


After demonstration project in a small scale, cooperation scopes will expand to other industry fields so that Far East region can be Korea’s foothold to extend into Eurasia region.