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The expansion of Connected Car service and the developmental strategies

Author Seung-min Kim Date 2017.05.29 Issue No 20

Connected Cars are futuristic cars which apply the latest ICT technologies to vehicles so that the highest safety and the best convenience service can be provided to drivers. Connected Cars are gaining attention as devices of the next generation of mobile service.

*Cutting edge IT technology is utilized in Connected Cars, for example, wireless data communication, ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Bluetooth, communication for vehicles, and their core components are external infrastructures, for example, automobiles, artificial satellite, facilities of radio communication, etc.


The expansion of Connected Car service provides opportunity of new business in the field of IT service, contents, insurance, finance, and other public part, etc.

*It is expected that service market will be created in new fields, for example, telematics service, infotainment, UBI (Usage Based Insurance), and Big Data analysis of automobiles.


Before Connected Car service becomes popular, development and standardization of communication technology and software are being made, and the standardization of each level of technology seems to be different with each other.

*IT and auto companies are developing mobile platform for the use of vehicles, OS (Operating System), embedded software system, etc. It is expected that they will compete with existing companies that make mobile phone-based software.


It is necessary to reexamine regulations and nurture relevant industries for the development of the service industry of Connected Cars.

*It is necessary to reconsider regulations on watching videos while driving and automobile Big Data, considering various scenarios of introducing Connected Car service.

*In order to preoccupy the market of Connected Car service utilizing IT and mobile ecosystem of the world’s best level, it is important to support policies that are suitable for the industrial environment of each technology level.

*It is expected that jobs are created and ecosystems of service industry of Connected Cars are made through the maintenance of laws and systems and support for service companies of Connected Cars.