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Strategy for the Expanded Penetration into Chinese Robot Market Emerging as the Largest

Author Park, Kwang Soon Date 2014.10.02 Issue No 600

Chinese robot industry is prospected to rank the 1st in the world, outpacing Japan and North American countries in terms of size as it is expected to produce 38,000 units of industrial robots in total by 2016.


The sharp growth of Chinese robot industry stems from the fact that the global leading robot enterprises like ABB, KUKA, YASKAWA and FANUC are expanding investment in China 


 In addition, aggressive support provided by the central and local governments, are also driving the growth.


The Chinese government set out its strong will to develop and industrialize indigenous core parts such as precision speed reducer , servo driver  as well as robot body From the standpoint of number of robot units operated by major countries, the demand for robot in China that currently remains at 23 units per 10,000 workers, is also expected to grow sharply.


The steep rise of wages in China is also one of the factors behind the acceleration of robot introduction in China.


  The average wage of workers involved in the Chinese manufacturing industry, was 3,2035 yuan as of 2013, increasing 14.3% annually for the last 5 years.



To penetrate into Chinese market, it is urgent for Korea to strengthen the technological cooperation with China, improve the convenience of robot users and minimize after-service.


Automotive sectors having high demand for robot, should respond preemptively to the expansion of new facilities by Chinese and Korean enterprises rather than by enterprises of Japan, Europe and the U.S.


 It is most desirable for domestic robot enterprises to establish robot manufacturing factories within China for the aggressive marketing aiming to expand demand for robot in China from a long-term perspective.