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KIET Industrial Economic Review 2021 No.2

KIET Industrial Economic Review Monthly Industrial Economic Review cover
Cover Story
- A Study of Supply Chains of Korean Firms in China Based on Business Survey Data
Current Issue
- Taking K-fashion Worldwide: The Evolving Structure of the Korean Fashion Industry and Implications for Policy
- The Impact of Environmental Regulations on the Manufacturing Sector: The Role of Electricity Prices
- Innovation Strategies for the Transition to the New Economic Paradigm
- KIET Manufacturing Business Survey Index (BSI) for the 1st Quarter 2021
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NO Title Authors Date Click File
7 A Study of Supply Chains of Korean Firms.. Kim Dongsoo(김동.. 2021.04.30 225 pdf
6 Taking K-fashion Worldwide: The Evolving.. Park Hoon(박훈) 2021.04.30 171 pdf
5 The Impact of Environmental Regulations .. Lee Sul-Ki(이슬.. 2021.04.30 156 pdf
4 Innovation Strategies for the Transition.. Lee Sang-Kyu(이.. 2021.04.30 138 pdf
3 KIET Manufacturing Business Survey Index.. Hong Sungwook(홍.. 2021.04.30 134 pdf
2 Main Indicators of the Economy & KIET Bu.. KIET 2021.04.30 134 pdf
1 Main Economic Statistics KIET 2021.04.30 1359 pdf