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Development Strategies through Ecosystem Analysis of the Korean Hydrogen Industry

Author Huh Sunkyung(허선경) Date 2020.08.31 Series
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Hydrogen has recently emerged as the next clean energy source minimizing environmental problems such as climate change and air pollution by supplementing or replacing depleted fossil fuels. Hydrogen as an energy source does not emit harmful by-products in the process of its use, so it is highly eco-friendly and suitable for the new climate system. It is also energy-efficient. When using both electricity and heat, the overall energy efficiency of a fuel cell reaches 80 percent, which is well above the 35 percent electricity energy utilization efficiency of existing power plants. In addition, hydrogen energy is expected to become a major energy source in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), as it is capable not only of serving as a distributed power source through fuel cells; it also contributes greatly to bringing about energy independence. Therefore the hydrogen industry, using hydrogen as an energy source, is expected to grow into a new industrial field with significant economic and industrial spillover effects in the future.