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KIET Manufacturing Business Survey Index (BSI) for the 1st Quarter 2021

Author Hong Sungwook(홍성욱) Date 2021.04.30 Series
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The overall composite Business Survey Index for the manufacturing sector in Q1 2021 remained under the baseline (100). Moreover, all feeder indices have slightly decreased compared to the previous quarter. Business conditions (92), sales (91), domestic demand (90), ordinary profit (88), and financial conditions (86) in the manufacturing sector all posted slight decreases, while exports (97), facilities investment (102) and employment (100) recorded increases. BSI forecasts for the 2nd quarter of 2021 indicate that manufacturers anticipate the most favorable business environment in a long time. Most indices for the manufacturing sector are forecast to be over the baseline; only financial conditions (97) is projected to stay below baseline levels in this quarter.