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Industrial Cooperation between Korea and Ethiopia : Focusing on Small & Medium-sized Enterprise

Author Dong-joo Joo(주동주), Jooyoung Yang(양주영), Eunsong Lee(이은송), Amare Matebu, Netsanet Jote, Dereje Rahmet, Sisay Sintayehu, Sirack Kassahun Date 2019.11.27 Page 223
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This study explores how to promote bilateral industrial cooperation between Korea and Ethiopia centered on bilateral trade and investment. This research focuses particularly on industrial cooperation between the Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of the two countries. This research was initiated as a joint study between Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade (KIET) and the Policy Study Institute (PSI) in Ethiopia.
Ethiopia has recently experienced rapid economic growth thanks to active industrial development. The Ethiopian government is accelerating its efforts to foster SMEs to sustain this growth and reduce widespread poverty by creating jobs and incomes for the people.
For this, Ethiopia has shown great interest in Korea’s rapid industrial development, and the PSI expressed a desire to partake in Korea’s accumulated knowledge and experience through joint research with KIET. Then, through the bilateral agreement, this cooperative study began as a six-month KIET research project in which a PSI team participated.