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Innovation in Services: Challenges and Opportunities

Presenter Ki-hwan Kim Date 2010.11.16
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  • Ki-hwan Kim


    ● Basic Information
     ○ Date and Time : November 16 (Tuesday) 2010 13:00~18:00 
    ○ Venue : 2F Convention Hall, Bank Building (Myungdong, Chungu)
    ○ Organizer : KIET
    ○ Supporter(s) : MKE

    13:30~14:00 Opening Ceremony
    ▶ Opening Speech
    - Byoung Jun Song (President, KIET)
    ▶ Keynote Speech
    - Kazuyosh Hidaka (Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

    □ Session 1
    Chairman :  Hee-Yeon Song (President, Asia Development Institute)  
    ▶ Presentations
    - Movig Forward and Making a Difference: Research Priorities 
      Haluk Demirkan (Professor, Arizona State University)         
    - Knowledge Intensive Business Services(KIBS) and Innovation in Regions: 
      Some Key Lessons from Canada and Policy Implications
      David Doloreux (Professor, University of Ottawa)
    - Policies to Unlock Services Potential
      Ki-hwan Kim (Director, Center for Service Industry and Policy Studies, KIET)
    ▶ Discussions and Q&As
    - Hyun-Su Kim (Professor, Kookmin University)
    - Yong-Jin Kim (Professor, Sogang University)
    - Sang-Hoon Kim (Professor, Inha University)

    ▶ Break

    □ Session 2
     Chairman: Song-Ho Lee (Professor, Sejong University) 
    ▶ Presentations
    - Adversity and Opportunity: Medical Tourism at Bumrungrad International
      Dennis Brown (corporate CEO, Bumrumgrad Hospital)
    - Rational and Emotional Building of Service Brands
      Moon-Kyu Lee (Professor, Yonsei University)
    - MTV Networks: From Local To Global
      Benjamin Richardson(Managing Director, MTV Asia)
    - Redefining Market Opportunities through Service Innovation
      Robert Harmon (Professor, Portland State University/ Partner, L.B. Day & Company, Inc.)

    ▶ Discussions and Q&As
    - Hong-Ryoul Han (Professor, Hanyang University)
    - Kyoung-Suh Park (Director, Sejong Hospital)
    - Hyun-Seng Jo (Researcher, KIET)
    - Boung-Jun Yu (Professor, Seoul National University)

    Closing Ceremony