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Development through Industrialization: Korea’s Experiences and Knowledge Transfer

Presenter Do-Hoon Kim Date 2010.12.09
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  • Do-Hoon Kim


    ● Basic Information
    ○ Date and Time: December 9, 2010 (Thursday) 09:30~17:00
    ○ Venue: Conference Hall A, Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
    ○ Organizer(s): KIET, KAIDEC
    ○ Supporter(s): MKE, UNIDO

    □ Session Ⅰ : Industrialization of Developing Countries: Visions and Strategies        
                Presenter 1 : Path of Industrialization and Policy Implications for Developing Countries
    - Dr. Nobuya Haraguchi (UNIDO)
                Presenter 2 : Korea''''''''''''''''s Role in the Industrialization of Developing Countries
    - Dr. Do-Hoon Kim (KIET)

    □ Session Ⅱ : Challenges to Industrial Development
                 Presenter 1 : Industrialization and Development in ASEAN Countries
    - Dr. VGR Chandran Govindaraju (Mara Univ. of Technology, Malaysia)
                 Presenter 2 : Challenge of Industrial Upgrading in Economic Growth : Korean Experience
    and Lessons
    - Prof. Keun Lee (Seoul National University) 
                 Presenter 3 : The East Asian Model of Economic Development
    - Prof. Seok-Dong Wang (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

    □ Session Ⅲ : Korea''''''''''''''''s Contribution as a Role Model and a New Donor
                  Presenter1 : Building Institutional Capacity for Industrialization in Developing
    Countries : What Role for International Organizations?
    - Mr. Manuel Albaladejo (UNIDO)
                 Presenter 2 : Korea''''''''''''''''s Export-Oriented Industrialization: Lessons for Developing Countries
    - Dr. Wonhyuk Lim (KDI)