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The Era of G2! Strategic Response to the Structural Changes in Korea/China/Japan Division of Labor

Presenter Young-Suk Oh Date 2011.03.29
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  • Young-Suk Oh


    ● Basic Information
    ○ Date and Time : March 29 (Tuesday), 2011  14:00 ~ 16:15 
    ○ Venue : Conference Room, KIET Building 3rd F 
    ○ Organizer : KIET 

    ● Objective(s)  
      Assess the impact of rising China to Korea-China-Japan’s division of labor and global division of labor; and study industrial policy responses to such changes.

    ● Program
    Opening Ceremomy   14:00~14: 05    
    ○ Opening Remarks : Byoung Jun Song (President, KIET)

    Presentations   14:05~15: 05  
    ○ Presentation 1 :
    Changes in division of labor among Korea-China-Japan and appropriate policy direction 
    Speaker : Young-Suk Oh (researcher, KIET) 
    ○ Presentation 2 :
    Responding to Structural Changes in China from the Perspectives of Korean Industries.   
     Speaker : Chul Cho (researcher, KIET)

    Discussion and Q&As  15:15~16: 15 
    ○ Moderator : Sang-Ho Lee (Professor, Sejong University)
    ○ Panelists:  Sung-Jin Kang (Professor, Korea University)
                      Bok-Sun Koack (Director, KOTRA)
                      Seng-Lock Park (researcher, KERI)
                      Hyun-Sil Ahan (editorialist, The Korea Economic Daily)
    Sung-Bum Hong (researcher, STEPI) 

    Closing Ceremony   16: 15