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Industrialization of Africa and Partnership with Korea

Presenter Dong-Joo Joo Date 2011.11.09
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  • Dong-Joo Joo


    ● Basic Information
    ○ Date and Time: November 6, 2011 (Wednesday) 13:00~18:00
    ○ Venue: Conference Room, KIET 3rd Floor
    ○ Organizer(s): KIET
    ○ Supporter(s): MKE, UNIDO, CFC

    ● Program
    ㅇ Opening Speech: Wilfried Luetkenhorst (Managing director, UNIDO) 

    □ Session Ι : Industrialization of Africa - Retrospect and New Challenges 
    ㅇ Presentation 1: Ludovico Alcorta (UNIDO)
     - Title: Industrial Development in Africa in the New Global Environment
    ㅇ Presentation 2: Dong-Joo Joo (Researcher, KIET)
     - Title: Industrialization of Africa ? Retrospect and Prospect

    □ Session II: Commodity Development and Industrialization of Africa 
    ㅇ Presentation 1: Andrey Kuleshov (CFC) 
      - Title: Industrial Growth from Commodities: Opportunities and Challenges
    ㅇ Presentation 2: Margaret Clarke-Kwesie (Ambassador of Ghana) 
      - Title: Commodity Development and Industrialization of Africa: Ghana’s Experience 
    □ Session III: Partnership with Korea and Knowledge Sharing
    ㅇ Moderator: Eun-Mi Kim (Dean, Ewha Woman’s University GSIS)
    ㅇ Presentation 1: Won-Gyu Hwang (Professor, Gangneung-Wonju National University)
      - Title: Building Cooperation Between Africa and Korea in the Phase of Late Industrialization: Relevance and Applicability
    ㅇ Presentation 2: Ozo O. Nwobu (Second Secretary, Ministry of Nigerian Embassy to Korea)
      - Title: Partnership with Korea Knowledge Sharing