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KIET-NIIS MOU Signing Ceremony

Presenter Date 2019.04.15

○ Date & Time: April 15, 2019/11:00-13:30

○ Venue: KIET Conference Room(#1102), Sejong, KOREA

○ Participants:


1. Dr. Zhang guochun (Deputy Director)

2. Dr. Piao guangxi (Chief)

3. Dr. Zhong feiteng (Head)

4. Dr. Li chengri (Doctor)

5. Dr. Byungik Im(Doctor)


1. Dr. Ji-Sang Chang (President)

2. Dr. Chuel Cho (Executive Director, Center for Int'l Industry and Trade)

3. Dr. Changuk Byeon (Executive Director, Center for Planning and Coordination)

4. Dr. Jaewan Jeon (Director, Public Relations and Int’l Cooperation Div.)

5. Dr. Eunkyo Cho (Associate Research Fellow, China & North Korea Industry Div.)

6. Dr. Sohee Park (Associate Researcher, China & North Korea Industry Div.)