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President’s MessageKIET Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade

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산업연구원 원장 장지상

KIET is the only national research institute in Korea specializing in both domestic and international industry and trade.

Inaugurated in 1976 for the purpose of supporting industrial development and promoting trade, KIET has faithfully served as an idea repository for industry and trade policymakers for over four decades. We focus on providing intellectual and strategic support for Korean industries as they cope with changes in the global industrial environment, while also cultivating the competitiveness and strengthening the capabilities of Korean companies.

Amid the rapid changes in industrial trends, we will soon be living in a hyper-connected, intelligent information society where industry, society, and individuals are becoming increasingly networked through new technologies that have emerged with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Therefore, to survive and remain competitive in the global market, it is crucial for Korean industry to bolster its resilience, adaptability, and core strengths.

To that end, KIET strives to produce industrial strategy prescriptions for the growth of nextgeneration manufacturing, the convergence of the manufacturing and service sectors, the establishment of an innovative ecosystem of local industries, and the promotion of industrial development and job creation. Furthermore, KIET is leading efforts to create an ecosystem for small and medium-sized ventures and continues to promote trade and encourage trade negotiations.

Going forward, we will remain dedicated to exploring and improving industrial polices and systems,

fostering an environment conducive to the activities of entrepreneurs, and enhancing the competitiveness of local industries and small and medium ventures so as to ensure that Korean industry can continuously develop, create jobs, and expand exports.

KIET will work tirelessly to develop and present a future vision for Korean industry in today’s rapidly changing global business environment, and will contribute to further sophisticating the country’s industrial structure, as we aim to become one of Korea’s most renowned research institutions with a truly global reach.

As we embark on this journey, your continued interest and support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you