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KIET is increasing its global presence through MOUs, collaborating with leading research institutions around the world.

Institutes that have signed MOUs with KIET

Institutes that have signed MOUs with KIET
Institutes with MOUs
ASIA Japan International Centre for the Study of East Asian Development(ICSEAD)
San-En-Nanshin Center for Regional Cooperation(SENC)
Institute for Industrial Research(IIR), Kwansei Gakuin University
Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry(RIETI)
Applied Social System Institute of Asia(ASSIA/Nagoya Univ.)
China Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS)
- Institute of Industrial Economics(IIIE)
- National Academy of Economic Strategy(NAES)
Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences(SASS)
Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences(GDASS)
China Center for Information Industry Development
Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences
Gansu Academy of Social Sciences
National Institute of International Strategy (NIIS/CASS)
Taiwan Taiwan Institute of Economic Research(TIER)
Industrial Technology Research Institute/Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center(ITER/IEK)
Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI)
Mongolia Mongolian Development Institute (MDI)
Vietnam Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM)
Da Nang Institute for Socio-Economic Development(DISED)
NORTH AMERICA US Research Center for International Economics(RCIE), University of Washington
Regional Research Institute (RRI), West Virginia University
Duke University, Global Value Chains Center (GVCC)
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF)
SOUTH AMERICA Paraguay The Investment and Exports Network(REDIEX)
Peru The National Center of Strategic Planning
Brazil Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI)
Colombia Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism
EUROPE France Center for International Prospective Studies(CEPII)
Germany German Institute for Economic Research(DIW Berlin)
Bulgaria Bulgarian Academy of Science Economic Research Institute (ERI-BAS)
Sweden Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Lund University, Centre for Innovation, Research and Competence in the Learning Economy (CIRCLE)
Russian Federation The Ministry of Economic Development, Entrepreneurship and Trade of Kamchatsky region
Italy European University Institute (EUI)
AFRICA Algeria Centre de Recherche en Economie Appliquee pour le Development (CREAD)
Ethiopia Policy Study Institute (PSI)
Middle East Iran Institute for Trade Studies and Research (ITSR)
International Organization Qatar Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting(GOIC)
Denmark The UNEP Risoe Centre on Energy, Climate and Sustainable Development(URC)
Austria The United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO)