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Vice President


Vice President

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Kim, Youngsoo Vice President Urban and Regional Economics 044-287-3049 이메일
You, Suyoung Staff 044-287-3136 이메일

Public Relations & International Cooperation Division

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Song,Wookyong Director Urban Fiscal Policy 044-287-3071 이메일
Ahn, Okyoon Specialist Development Cooperation 044-287-3067 이메일
Kim, Jeenyoung Staff Homepage, Newsletter management 044-287-3247 이메일
Kim, Sungjin Researcher Energy/ Oil & Gas/ Shale gas/ Nuclear 044-287-3239 이메일
Park, Sang-Wook Staff 044-287-3902 이메일
Lee, Hyeseung Staff 044-287-3910 이메일
Aaron Crossen Staff Editing, Marketing, Print Design 044-287-3253 이메일
Kim, Kiho Staff International Cooperation 044-287-3851 이메일
Son, Soo min Staff 044-287-3294 이메일

Beijing Office

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Park, Jaegon Director Industrial Cluster, Regional Industrial Policy, Financial Economics 044-287-3075 이메일