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Center for Service Industry


Center for Service Industry

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Park, Jungsoo Executive Director Service Sector, Content Industry 044-287-3065 이메일
Choi, Bonghyun Senior Research Fellow Service Industry,Cultural Contents Industry 044-287-3042 이메일
Kim, Sukkyung Senior Research Fellow 044-287-3031 이메일
Roh, Hyunhye Staff Service Industry 044-287-3824 이메일

Service Industry Future Strategy Division

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Goo, Jinkyung Director Business & Administration, Marketing 044-287-3080 이메일
Cho, Hyunseung Research Fellow Service Industry Policy, Aging and Service industry, Healthcare service 044-287-3216 이메일
Park, Moonsoo Research Fellow Industrial Organization, Applied Time-Series 044-287-3142 이메일
Sung,Yeolyong Research Fellow Service Industry, Design Service, Industrial Organization 044-287-3189 이메일
Youngjin Song Associate Research Fellow Applied Microeconomics, Internal Migration 044-287-3835 이메일
Hwang, Hyeonjun Associate Research Fellow Platform Economy, Transportation/Distribution Industry, Applied Econometrics 044-287-3178 이메일
Lee, Sunhak Senior Researcher . 044-287-3296 이메일
Choi, Eunhee Researcher 044-287-3845 이메일
Choi,younjeong Researcher 044-287-3847 이메일

Service Industry Innovation Division

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Lee, Sanghyun Director Engineering Service, Business Service 044-287-3159 이메일
Koh, Daeyoung Research Fellow Service R&D, Service Innovation, Applied Econometrics 044-287-3124 이메일
LEE, Dong Hee Research Fellow Service R&D, Tourism; ICT Economics, Network Science 044-287-3092 이메일
Kang, Minsung Associate Research Fellow R&D service, Manufacturing related service, Innovation in service. 044-287-3047 이메일
Kim, Seung-min Senior Researcher ICT Covergence Industry 044-287-3013 이메일
Park, Jihye Researcher . 044-287-3932 이메일
Park, Jiwon Researcher 044-287-3836 이메일