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Center for Economic Outlook and Statistical Analysis


Center for Economic Outlook and Statistical Analysis

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Oh, Youngseok Executive Director Industry Structure, International Specialization(Competitiveness) 044-287-3043 이메일
Lee, Jinmyon Senior Research Fellow industrial structure, Econometrics 044-287-3183 이메일
Lee, Geonwoo Senior Research Fellow Input-Output Analysis, Industrial Structure, Service Economy 044-287-3250 이메일
Park, Sungkeun Research Fellow Applied Econometrics, Energy Economics 044-287-3172 이메일
Kim, Jaejin Associate Research Fellow Input-Output Analysis, Trade DB 044-287-3160 이메일
Taehoon Kim Associate Research Fellow Macroeconomics, Firm Dynamics 044-287-3627 이메일
Kim, Bawoo Senior Researcher Microeconomics theory(Game theory), International Economics(FTA) 044-287-3921 이메일
Lee, Youngho Senior Researcher Industrial Structure, Econometrics Projection Model, Population Aging 044-287-3267 이메일
Kim, Jeonghyun Researcher Applied Econometrics 044-287-3918 이메일
Park, Yumi Researcher 044-287-3169 이메일
Maeng, Jieun Researcher 044-287-3299 이메일
Park, Nayeon Researcher Empirical Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics 044-287-3036 이메일
CHEON GAHYEON Researcher Microeconometrics 044-287-3277 이메일
Lee, Seohee Staff 044-287-3706 이메일

Economic Outlook and Analysis Division

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Hong, Sungwook Director Applied Econometrics, Economic Methodology, Price Discovery, Energy Economics, Financial Economics 044-287-3192 이메일
Kang, Duyong Senior Research Fellow industrial structure, economic growth 044-287-3205 이메일
Min, Sunghwan Senior Research Fellow . 044-287-3127 이메일
Shin, Hyonsoo Research Fellow International Trade,World Economy 044-287-3140 이메일
Lee, Wonbok Associate Research Fellow Money and Finance 044-287-3126 이메일
Lee, Sora Associate Research Fellow Macroeconomics, International Economics 044-287-3711 이메일
Han, Jungmin Researcher 044-287-3291 이메일
Won, Hye JIn Researcher 044-287-3961 이메일