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Center for Balanced National Development


Center for Balanced National Development

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Huh, Mungu Director Balanced Development Policy 044-287-3219 이메일
Kim, Youngsoo Senior Research Fellow Urban and Regional Economics 044-287-3049 이메일
Gwak, Daejong Research Fellow Environmental Regulation, Industries and the Environment, and Energy & Environmental Industry 044-287-3057 이메일
WonKeun Lee Researcher 044-287-3062 이메일
Kim, Jihyun Researcher 044-287-3591 이메일
Seong, Taekyung Researcher 044-287-3755 이메일
Staff 044-287-3841 이메일

Regional Policy Division

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Byeon, Changuk Director Regional and Urban economics,Regional Quantitative Analysis 044-287-3128 이메일
Choi, YounKi Senior Research Fellow Regional and Urban Economics 044-287-3218 이메일
Kim, Jeonghong Research Fellow Economics of Innovation, Industrial Organization, Regional Economics 044-287-3039 이메일
Jung, Jongseok Research Fellow Regional Innovation Infra 044-287-3107 이메일
Yoo, Yiseon Associate Research Fellow Environmental and resource economics, health economics 044-287-3050 이메일
Kim, Youngmin Associate Research Fellow business competencies, productivity, inequality, human resource policy 044-287-3103 이메일
Kim, Jisoo Associate Research Fellow 044-287-3184 이메일
Kim,Songnyeon Associate Research Fellow International Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics 044-287-3922 이메일
Kim, Hyunwoo Senior Researcher 044-287-3285 이메일
Cho, Sung-min Researcher Regional Development Policy, Regional Income 044-287-3630 이메일
Lee, Dongkyu Researcher 044-287-3804 이메일

Regional Industry & Industrial Location Division

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Lee, Sangho Director 044-287-3086 이메일
Kim, Sunbae Senior Research Fellow Regional Innovation System, Regional Development Policy 044-287-3076 이메일
Hong, Jinki Senior Research Fellow Regional Industry Policy, Industrial Location Policy 044-287-3077 이메일
Lee, Weonvin Senior Research Fellow Urban Economy, Regional Sustainable Development,Cluster Policy 044-287-3122 이메일
Lee, Doohee Senior Research Fellow Regional Innovation Systems, Regional Industrial Development 044-287-3054 이메일 블로그
Kim, Chanjun Senior Research Fellow 044-287-3100 이메일
Song, Hayool Research Fellow Regional Industry 044-287-3256 이메일
Kim, Yunsoo Research Fellow 044-287-3964 이메일
Jeong, Yoonseon Associate Research Fellow 044-287-3060 이메일
Choi, Junseok Associate Research Fellow Regional Investment, Industry Location Policy, Cost-Benefit Analysis 044-287-3176 이메일
Jinwon Bae Associate Research Fellow Innovation Cluster / Regional Economics & Spatial Modeling 044-287-3832 이메일
Kim, Changmo Researcher Regional Industry, Cluster, Collaboration 044-287-3258 이메일
Ha, Jeongseok Researcher Industrial Location, Regional Industrial Policy 044-287-3839 이메일
Seo, JeongHyeon Researcher Urban and Regional Economy 044-287-3825 이메일
Lee, Youngsun Researcher Geography 044-287-3254 이메일