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Center for Defense & Aerospace Industry


Center for Defense & Aerospace Industry

Name Position Major Field Tel E-Mail Blog
Ann, Youngsu Director Aerospace Industry, Defense Industry, Dual Use technology Industry 044-287-3037 이메일
Jang, Won Joon Research Fellow Economic Analysis, Offset, Technology Valuation, Project Selection, Performance Evaluation, RAM/ILS Analysis, Total Life Cycle Support Management, Open Innovation etc 044-287-3284 이메일
SIM, SOONHYUNG Associate Research Fellow International Trade(Major), Econometrics(Minor) 044-287-3214 이메일
Kim, Mijung Senior Researcher . 044-287-3257 이메일
Song, Jae Pil Researcher 044-287-3221 이메일
Researcher 044-287-3844 이메일
Researcher 044-287-3827 이메일
Jeon, Seyeon Staff Research administration 044-287-3942 이메일
Park, Jihee Researcher International economic relations 044-287-3943 이메일