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Contacts of Functions

  • Address: (30147) Building C, Sejong National Research Complex, 370, Sicheong-daero, Sejong, Korea
  • Telephone: 044-287-3114
  • FAX: 044-287-3333
  • Inquiries
  • Research exchange & cooperation : 044-287-3128 e-mail
  • Library : 044-287-3856 e-mail
  • Publications purchase and inquiries : 044-287-3215 e-mail
  • E-mail service : 044-287-3247 e-mail
  • Website and relevant inquiries : 044-287-3247 e-mail
  • HR and recruitment : 044-287-3276 e-mail
  • Agreement and purchase : 044-287-3098 e-mail

Contacts of Research Departments

information of each part's telephone nembers
Sector Department Contact info
Research Department Center for Growth Engine Industries Tel:044-287-3064 e-mail
Center for Service Industry Tel:044-287-3065 e-mail
Center for Industrial Policy Research Tel:044-287-3038 e-mail
Center for SMEs and Venture Business Research Tel:044-287-3048 e-mail
Center for International Industry and Trade Tel:044-287-3046 e-mail
Center for Economic Outlook and Statistical Analysis Tel:044-287-3043 e-mail
Center for Balanced National Development Tel:044-287-3076 e-mail
Center for Defense & Aerospace Industry Tel:044-287-3137 e-mail
Center for Planning and Coordination Tel:044-287-3128 e-mail