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Policy Issues and Recommendation for Korean Environmental Industry’s Global Market Penetration

Author Daejong Gwak, Youngjoo Lee, Sangyong Park Date 2016.02.01 Page 39
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This study addresses the advancement strategy of the environmental industry’s global market by analyzing the status and problems of the domestic environmental industry and suggests policy alternatives. The development stage of domestic environmental industry, which is lagging behind more than other major industry, is not yet at ready to advance to the global market. In other words, a survey showed that the exports of the domestic environmental industry based on 2013 were approximately 7.9244 trillion KRW; however, this may have been calculated excessively when considering the survey’s targeting standard of classifying the statistics of related industries of mining and manufacturing. Therefore, it is required to check problems in the domestic environmental industry by considering policy purposes including the government’s export drive and derive policy tasks for domestic specialized small and mid-sized environmental companies to advance to the global market.
In the case of the environmental industry, the government’s role is important as its market demand is created by the government’s regulations and the supply base is established by the government’s support. On the other hand, advanced countries including the U.S., Japan, EU and Germany have close ties with foreign aid(ODA) in order to advance to the global market as well as conduct various support policies by stage and field.