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A Study on Changes in the Distribution Ecosystem through the Emergence of a New Distribution Channel

Author Jinkyung Goo, Sanghyeon Lee, Dong-hee Lee Date 2016.02.01 Page 21
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This study aims to explore ways to facilitate the domestic distribution industry, which has been facing slow growth. Vitalization of the distribution industry could be possible through quantitative growth and improvement of internal effectiveness of the industry.
Dissemination of mobile shopping can lead the quantitative growth of the industry and through omnichannels, it would be possible to improve the internal effectiveness of the distribution industry. In this sense, it is needed to recognize the importance of omnichannels in the distribution industry and make a basis to enhance the significance. Moreover, for continuous growth of the industry, it is required to improve soundness of the distribution industry in general by promoting new changes not only in some large distribution companies but also in various retail distribution businesses, including small and medium sized retail distribution companies. Through this study, to enhance facilitation of the distribution industry and soundness of the ecosystem, I attempt to determine methods to utilize mobile shopping and omnichannels, including policy supports.